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    Where do I change the Sound output from headphones to speakers?

    I am wanting to change the sound output on my PC.

    Right now it goes only to headphones but I would like it to go to my speakers. I did this once before but it was so long ago I don't remember how I did it.

    Just unplugging the headphones doesn't do it.

    Here is what I have done so far.

    1. Went to Control Panel and clicked on Sound.
    2. In the Playback tab I have two entries, Speakers and Realtek Digital Output. If I selec t either entry I can then click Configure or Properties. But in both cases I don't see any place for the output to go to speakers.

    Any clues on how I can redirect the sound output?

    Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit, SP1.

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    You shouldn't have to do anything unless:

    • You're headphone jack is broken, e.g. doesn't disengage when the headphones are removed.
    • You don't have the speakers plugged into the correct jack. Many PCs will have more than one speaker output jack, e.g. Builtin Jack, Sound Card Jack, possibly Video Card Jack.

    As an alternative you can get a small switch which will allow you to manually switch w/o unplugging your headphones. I use one of these but I have it plugged into the normal speaker output.

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    What RG said.

    'Sounds' like your speakers aren't plugged into the right jack. Is there a subwoofer with them, or just speakers on their own? If woof, then the speakers plug into that, and the woof plugs into the PC sound jacks.

    Check also that the woof and/or speakers are turned on, there may be power switches and also physical volume controls. When you touch the connectors against the jack openings, you should usually hear a scratching or static noise coming from the speakers, which indicates they're live and functioning.

    If you're still having problems, post the make/model of the speakers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dglarson View Post

    Any clues on how I can redirect the sound output?

    Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit, SP1.

    A clue perhaps...
    I had a problem after taking the WX plunge but it may have pre-existed. Look for this in control panel: aaaaaaaaaaaae.PNG
    There are various settings that may affect your output, note the little wrench in the lower left.
    There should be a Green colored socket under Analog Back panel. If not a reinstall of the Realtec audio s/w may help. Get it from your Mother Board vendor's site.
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    Since you are getting sound through your headphones, try plugging your speakers into the headphone jack. You will know right away if there is a problem with the speakers.

    In fact, many speakers have a headphone jack on one of the speakers. You could leave your speakers plugged into the headphone jack, and then plug your headphones into the speaker as needed.

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    Do your speakers have an external power supply, and if so is it switched on?
    Do your speakers have a switch on the woofer, and if so is it switched on?
    Do your other speakers have a volume switch, and if so is it switched on?

    I have all of these configurations - an old IBM with speakers that were powered from the computer and are useless in any other configuration I can figure out, a woofer with a power switch and separate volume and balance controls on the back, and the more common on/off volume switch plus balance adjust on one speaker of a pair. And yes, I once helped a certain party who was going crazy with a silent system by reaching over and saying 'Well let's turn it on first'. That was an on/off volume switch, but it's the easiest thing in the world to overlook. No power, no sound.

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    When my system lost sound through the speakers recently, I spent a long time checking the wires/plugs/sound settings in Control Panel, etc., to no avail. Then I did a simple Restart, and lo, the sound was restored, even louder and clearer than I was accustomed to. I had done many Restarts over the past few months, but not since the sound disappeared completely.

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