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    Sharing a OneDrive

    I know I have tried to understand this issue before, but I do not as yet.

    How can I set up a OneDrive that will have files on the drive as well as locally for User A, but then for Users B, C, and D only allow them to read (or selectively copy) those files, without having all of the files copied to each of the users locally (and redundantly)?

    Is there a way that I can give user A complete control while only allowing users B,C, and D read access but not allow them to write to or delete from the OneDrive?

    I saw something on "sharing" online. Is that what I need to construct?

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    There's potentially more than one answer to this. I don't deal with shared computers so my understanding of this not based on personal experience. That said...

    By default, OneDrive will put your files (locally) in your user directory. Others will only have access to these files based on the permissions you have set for your user directory.

    If each person has their own OneDrive account, then any files in the cloud will be limited to that user.

    You can, however, selectively share your cloud files with others so that they can access them in the cloud. This has no effect (AFAIK) on what they can see and share locally.

    Bear in mind, if you are allowing others access to your files locally, the changes will not upload until you sign back on.

    All bets are off if you are using the same OneDrive login.
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