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    Updating an old form to work on modern servers

    I've had a number of issues I'm trying to resolve since my website was migrated to the servers belonging to the new owners of Verio.

    The next thing I need to resolve is my ONLINE FORM which no longer works. It opens and fills out just fine but when you hit the SUBMIT button you get:

    Internal Server Error

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    Please contact the server administrator, and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.
    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

    I've spoken with the tech people at Endurance/Verio and they say my form code is just too old and outdated. I do accept this as true since I put it together about 15 years ago. It worked fine on the Verio servers but the tech at Endurance/Verio said their servers are more secure and as such the old code won't work.

    I think the form itself is probably fine. It is the submittal process that I suspect needs to be updated. I've searched some online and am not coming up with any guide lines for setting that up. Shy of paying Endurance/Verio $150 to do it for me (seems to me they broke it and now want to be paid for fixing it) I'll have to figure this out again on my own.

    My online form can be seen at:

    Before when the SUBMIT button was pressed the server looked at my FORMMAIL.PL to direct the inquiry to me.

    Here is my current FORMMAIL.PL which is located in my CGI-BIN folder.

    #!/usr/bin/perl -w
    # -------
    # Please Save a copy of the file before editing.
    # The variables can alter the way the program functions.
    # NMS FormMail Version 3.14m1

    use strict;
    use vars qw(
    $DEBUGGING $emulate_matts_code $secure %more_config
    $allow_empty_ref $max_recipients $mailprog @referers
    @allow_mail_to @recipients %recipient_alias
    @valid_ENV $date_fmt $style $send_confirmation_mail
    $confirmation_text $locale $charset $no_content
    $double_spacing $wrap_text $wrap_style $postmaster

    # -------------------
    # Version 3.14m1
    # This program is licensed in the same way as Perl
    # itself. You are free to choose between the GNU Public
    # License <> or
    # the Artistic License
    # <>
    # For help on configuration or installation see the
    # README file or the POD documentation at the end of
    # this file.

    # --------------------------
    # Modify these to your own settings. You might have to
    # contact your system administrator if you do not run
    # your own web server. If the purpose of these
    # parameters seems unclear, please see the README file.
    $DEBUGGING = 0;
    $emulate_matts_code= 0;
    $secure = 1;
    $allow_empty_ref = 1;
    $max_recipients = 1;
    $mailprog = '/usr/sbin/sendmail -oi -t';
    $postmaster = '';
    @referers = qw(;
    @allow_mail_to = qw(;
    @recipients = ();
    %recipient_alias = ();
    $locale = '';
    $charset = 'iso-8859-1';
    $date_fmt = '%A, %B %d, %Y at %H:%M:%S';
    $style = '/css/nms.css';
    $no_content = 0;
    $double_spacing = 1;
    $wrap_text = 0;
    $wrap_style = 1;
    $address_style = 0;
    $send_confirmation_mail = 0;
    $confirmation_text = <<'END_OF_CONFIRMATION';
    Subject: form submission

    Thank you for your form submission.


    # You may need to uncomment the line below and adjust the path.
    use lib '/usr/local/nms/lib';

    # --------------------------
    # Place any custom code here

    # ----------------------------
    # (no user serviceable parts beyond here)

    use CGI::NMS::Script::FormMail;
    use base qw(CGI::NMS::Script::FormMail);

    use vars qw($script);
    BEGIN {
    $script = __PACKAGE__->new(
    name_and_version => 'NMS FormMail 3.14m1',
    emulate_matts_code => $emulate_matts_code,
    secure => $secure,
    allow_empty_ref => $allow_empty_ref,
    max_recipients => $max_recipients,
    mailprog => $mailprog,
    postmaster => $postmaster,
    referers => [@referers],
    allow_mail_to => [@allow_mail_to],
    recipients => [@recipients],
    recipient_alias => {%recipient_alias},
    valid_ENV => [@valid_ENV],
    locale => $locale,
    charset => $charset,
    date_fmt => $date_fmt,
    style => $style,
    no_content => $no_content,
    double_spacing => $double_spacing,
    wrap_text => $wrap_text,
    wrap_style => $wrap_style,
    send_confirmation_mail => $send_confirmation_mail,
    confirmation_text => $confirmation_text,
    address_style => $address_style,


    Thanks for any guidance anyone can give.

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