I have successfully used your script (v2 dated 4-Nov-15) to uninstall (from the start menu) a number of pointless apps - thanks for that! I had to take ownership of the PF\WindowsApps folder to be able to do so. However, I found the script does not remove the apps from the folder, which I had hoped to do as they take up over a GB of space - I know that's not much these days, but I like my OS to be as compact as possible (so image creation is quick), and at only 16GB total, a GB saved seems worth it.

So I am left slightly unclear as to what uninstall means - I guess it is 'make inactive'? In the end I manually deleted the folders for the 'uninstalled' apps. Its possible a reboot would have done this for me, but comments elsewhere on the web suggest that the command Remove-AppxPackage just hides things from users. There are hints that dism.exe may do more, and sometimes promises (see http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/easily-...re-windows-10/).

Any thoughts/ideas? If you are feeling up to a challenge, perhaps you could include DISM commands in the script? Anyone else who can clarify, please chip in.

Thanks again, Martin