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    Which Windows Ver.

    Hello All.

    Please help me out here.

    I am buying a new laptop, actually I got it already. It is a nice one with all the bells and whistles, and I am very happy with it.

    But I got the Windows 2000 Pro. version, and some people tell me I should have gotten the Windows XP Pro version?!

    Now I know that XP is the latest and greatest, but going down the path of having to register MY software that I paid for every year is not what I want to do.

    I also have Office XP on my desk at home ready for this new laptop, so what am supposed to do here?

    Choose XP and bite the bullet, or stay with 2000 Pro and accept the next-best-thing?

    Thanks for any insight.

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    Re: Which Windows Ver.

    Oh, boy, I can see this thread going on for pages at a time. <img src=/S/wink.gif border=0 alt=wink width=15 height=15>

    Wassim, a lot of this depends on your needs and preferences. Hopefully you will get enough information from the crew in the Lounge to help make a decision that you are comfortable with.

    Windows XP is a point-release to Windows 2000. That means, in software parlance, that Windows XP is Windows 2000.1. The upshot to this is that the interface in XP is very task oriented - some people love this, some hate it, but I suspect the ones that hate it haven't spent much time with it. It handles digital media (MP3s, video and so on) in a task-oriented manner - you can do all sorts of wonderful things with it. it also has a broader range of compatibility with hardware and software and that will only grow. Most games can be played under XP which is a weakness of 2000. Networking is a cinch - if you plan to use a wireless network, or run CAT-5 cable, it's a breeze. XP featuers System Restore, which I can personally vouch for - being a tinkerer, this has saved my butt countless times.

    Now, on the other hand, Windows 2000 is a mature, stable platform. It's fast. Most of the things that XP offers are window dressing. Strip away the new user interface and your computer looks remarkably like Windows 2000. It is debatable but seems to out-perform XP in most bench tests being done now. Networking is rock-solid, but there's not the same level of ease as there is with Windows XP. It offers system file protection, as does XP. There is considerable hardware and software support for it since it has been around longer. In time that will change with XP, of course, but this is here and now.

    My preference after using both of them is to use XP for daily chores. It has enough nice little extras that make it worthwhile. However, I dual boot with Windows 2000, because when I really want to get down to brass tacks and work with a mature operating system, that's my ticket.

    Woody has stated that Office XP and Windows XP seem to be a good mix, and not so much with Windows 2000. I've never really had any major issues but then I also don't hammer on it like some people do. I expect a little flakiness in all software no matter who makes it. What matters more is just how flaky it is - can I live with it?

    Try Windows 2000, since it's already on there. If you were planning to do an exchange, maybe that's not an option, but if you decide Windows 2000 isn't what you need after actually using it, you can upgrade to XP later or dual-boot the two.

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