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    HP printer issue

    I have a HP Photosmart e-all-in-one D11 series printer.
    Some months ago, the carriage got stuck and unable to do printing.
    Since printers are so cheap nowadays, I figured it's cheaper to buy a new one than to get it repaired.

    I went ahead and bought a HP Deskjet 2540 All-in-one series.
    Installed it and running fine. No issues.

    Lately, I took the D11 printer out from storage and "messed" around with it.
    Miraculously, I had the carriage fixed. It will print.

    But, here is the problem:
    I am unable to reinstall it.
    I inserted the Installation DVD and the screen gave me the "EXIT" option instead of the Install option.
    The Programs and Features does not have HP Photosmart D110 on the list. I made sure of that.

    I thought maybe I should uninstall 1540 series printer first.
    I did that, but I still could not reinstall D110. It still gave me the " EXIT" option.

    I ended up re-installing 2540 series and shelve the D110 series again.

    Anyone has an idea why ?

    HP support is useless. Don't give me link to it. Please.

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    The driver on the DVD is almost certainly out of date. Download the latest driver from the HP site and run it from the desktop. If you have W10, run the installer as Administrator. If it doesn't work, there are left overs from the previous driver still in the Registry which are blocking the new installation and which will need to be removed using the Registry Editor. As it will be difficult to separate entries from the two drivers, the driver for the new printer should also be removed and the Registry cleared of all HP printer related keys to provide a clean start. In view of the amount of work involved, you may decide that the pain exceeds the gain.

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    Thank you very much.

    I went to HP manufacturer site, downloaded the D110a driver plus a "Support Assistant" program, and I got the Install option.

    D11 printer is now installed and working.

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