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    Angry Excel - Huge Data Pile > Select Info to Email

    Hiya all

    I don't even know if my original idea is possible, but I'll break it down here and if not, then suggestions for how to do the second option would be great.

    So I have this huge data dump that's updated daily - we're talking several rows across and hundreds down. What it currently does is correlate job data (job sell out, job cost, margin in both % and (some of this pulls from our CRM data base) along with job name and job reference number, as well as job type: kit only, service, install etc.

    As well as doing that, we also separately populate an email that details exactly the above - job name, reference, company, amount, margin figures, etc. Now, is there a way to have Excel spit out the information we just put in to automatically generate that information on a pre populated email template or not?

    If not, is it possible - and what would be the best way? - to have the template text on another sheet within the same workbook, and pull across the relevant information for emailing out when the sheet it will be pulling from has numerous jobs on it. Do you know what I mean?

    Any help would be fantastic and if you need any clarification, let me know!

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    I am gathering that after the data dump is correlated, the data is filtered by some criteria then the filtered data is placed in an email. Then best way to achieve this is to code the filtering the data on the existing spreadsheet then use the job editor to copy that data into the body of the email. The "template" body can be hard coded but pull specific pieces of the data when compiling the email verbiage.

    The best approach here is to provide a dummy sample of the data dump, an explanation of how the data is to be filtered, and a sample of how the email is presented. If the email(s) are to go to multiple recipients, then their email addresses need to be accessible somewhere within the spreadsheet.


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