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    Windows build 14393 broke stuff

    There was an update to Windows 10 today, 8-3-2016. It was build 14393. It broke several things on my laptop.

    The hardware issue that broke was the Plugable USB 3.0 Display Link docking station. I have reported that to the vendor for an update to the driver. Meanwhile I have no second monitor on my laptop. All the other docking station functions are working normally.

    The software issue: it broke my LAN connectivity. The update replaced my Hosts file in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ with a generic version that did not have the NATs addresses for my server and workstations on the LAN. It took some digging around to discover this. Without the Hosts file none of the LAN connected computer were accessible.

    The Hosts file is a little tricky to create. It must be saved as a text file using Notepad but the filename must be enclosed in " ". In other words the filename to be saved would be "Hosts". The version in the etc directory needs be renamed HostsOLD or some such before saving the new version.

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    I have a DisplayLink USB dock on on Win7 machine and an "optional" update last year broke it. I had to uninstall the software, get a fresh download from DisplayLink and reinstall. You might want to try the same thing.
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