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    New Motherboard and activation

    I started a thread on June 23rd with the question mainly about Activation on a new motherboard.
    The thread is too old and too long.
    So, I am starting a new one with the intention of informing members. Period.
    I have no intention to engage in another long "discussion" that went no where.

    The key point of the thread is this message (copied from Feedback Hub) :
    In Windows 10 (Insider Preview build number 14371 or later), you can link your Microsoft account to the Windows 10 digital license (formerly called digital entitlement) on your device. This can help you reactivate Windows using the Activation troubleshooter if you make a hardware change later, such as replacing the motherboard.


    Recently I came across a thread in another forum regarding exactly that. I am not sure if I should post a link to the other forum, so I am doing a copy/paste.............

    Thread title : New Motherboard
    OP : I installed a new motherboard and Activation failed with can't reach MS Servers.

    After a clean install today using the trouble shooter and it Activated

    Replier : Out of interest do you use a MS account to sign on?

    OP : I do indeed. I don't mind Dona having my bank account details. She can pay my overdraft

    Replier : Well I do believe that there was a suggestion you could move digital entitlement with the new MS utility if it was linked to your MS account.

    Guess it works then which is good to know.


    Only thing the thread does not mention is :
    whether the new mobo is of the same make/model as the original one, or a different model.

    I have feeling that it does not matter.

    Nevertheless, it is still a good news
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    Original Topic referred to.

    You should add a note to that Topic, linking back here and mark it as [Solved], using the Thread Tools dropdown menu.

    We have no problems with clean links to any other (honest, non-spamming and legit.) site that I'm aware of, we don't like full quotes from other sites, <SNIP>/... to the relevant parts is better, accreditation should always be given. Be aware that some sites do not approve of their 'work' being posted anywhere else, in which case, link/title/précis (not quote) is the preferred method.

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