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    Anniversary update problems on Surface Pro

    My system got the anniversary update on the morning of 8/4. The system is a Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

    Had a few issues.

    1. Privacy settings: The only privacy setting that I noticed that was different was "Allow my other devices...". This kept putting up a nag window about confirming Microsoft account settings (I log in with a local account). I just turned it off.

    2. Window Ink Workspace button was turned on. Was easy to turn off once you found where the option was.

    3. On logging out, every time, explorer.exe issued a memory write error to a location 0x000...030. This would clear after about 10 seconds and the logout or shutdown would proceed.

    4. Video system problems: My main problem was with video. The graphics system is Intel, of course, with a driver version of which appears to be the latest driver that Microsoft has delivered.

    There were two main problems: non-display of lock and login screen background images and a partial to full overlay of the desktop background with a uniform blue color with a fine grid of white dots. In the case of the lock and login screens, the background was completely black. The lock screen text could identify the image that should have appeared.

    Both of these conditions seemed to always appear following a resume from sleep mode. The desktop draw error would appear pretty frequently from closing open windows or clicking on a desktop icon. The only way to temporarily clear these conditions was to logout/login or restart.

    If anyone else has seen any similar video issues I'd certainly appreciate hearing about it.

    The video problem was irritating enough that I did restore a full disk image to revert back to 1511. I also set updates to "defer" mode hoping that some solution to this is found before I get the update again.
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