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    W10 File History Restore presents some double folders

    After W10 (Win Home Edition #1511) was installed I found an issue in FILE HISTORY
    Using the "Restore Personal Files", there are some folders listed twice, but they do not have identical file counts, but each is dated with the latest "Run" date.

    Example: \Documents (First in the Restore List) has 805/805 files, with the latest backup date.
    \Documents (2nd in the Restore List) has 864/864 files, with the latest backup date. This folder is correct and up-to-date.

    Following a Fred Langa suggestion in another matter that I found while researching "Document" folder backup problems, I traced the location of the Document folders using "Properties".
    "\Documents" appears in:
    "Quick Access"
    This PC and
    All three correctly trace to C:\Users\MyName\Documents.
    I also looked in Windows System Files, and there are no \Document folders there.
    I did find one more \Document folder using "Search" and it was in the folder titled "Windows.old"
    BTW, the file count numbers provided by File History Restore has not stayed stagnant. The First Document folder with 805/805 files was 801/801 yesterday. The 2nd was 859/859, so that eliminated (for me anyway) thinking the problem was rooted in the "Windows.old" folder.

    Another clue is that the following folders are also duplicated: \Music, \OneDrive, \SkyDrive.old, \Videos. None of these folders have changed since Win10 installed on July 28 and their file counts are identical.

    But, the \PICTURE folder is duplicated. The 2nd PICTURE folder does NOT contain just pictures. It resembles the Downloads folder with 372/372, whereas the "real or 1st" Pictures folder has just 43/43 files, which is correct. If the 2nd PICTURE folder were titled "Downloads", the pattern would appear to be the same as the "Documents" folder duplicate problem, but "PICTURE" is bizarre.

    Is there a History Detective who can figure this out? Or, "what should I do about this". BTW, I imaged with Macrium Reflect after W10. And EDGE and STORE don't work possibly because I used "Custom Settings" when I did the organic Win10 upgrade. (by organic I mean, I did not do a clean install from Win 8.1)


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    I had a similar experience with Win 7.

    Having backed up personal stuff and then restored it, they were supposed to have gone back to where they were found but I would get the message that they had been put somewhere else.

    It is for that reason that I now only ever create system images.

    No help to you in this instance, but perhaps something you should consider for the future and hope you created an image before upgrading ?

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