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    MSE alternative update idea

    MSE alternative update idea

    "...Microsoft Security Essentials...virus definitions won't update..."
    I had, off/on, for years, this problem, here's what I finally, recently, did:

    Created a MSE DNLD shortcut to:
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" ""
    Addendum: BC Quietman7's followup post is spot-on! Mine is W7Pro 64bit; go here for the 32-bit:

    Created a MSE RUN shortcut to: [to whatever directory you downloaded]\mpam-feX64.exe

    Twice weekly, I do MSE DNLD first, then MSE RUN. No more update hangups. Once the biggie EXE downloads, it silently updates MSE real fast.

    I recommend either Internet Explorer or Firefox to download that EXE, 'cause GChrome often returns something like "File Security Check Fail" at almost every download, even ones from Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity type web sites.
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