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    Curing a case of 'restless-PC syndrome'

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    Curing a case of 'restless-PC syndrome'

    By Fred Langa

    Wake timers and some types of hardware can cause Windows to run at unexpected times. Here are two different ways to ensure that your sleeping PC stays asleep.

    Plus: All the commands available in the Recovery Environment, and why an old PC might suddenly go silent.

    The full text of this column is posted at (opens in a new window/tab).

    Columnists typically cannot reply to comments here, but do incorporate the best tips into future columns.
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    Hi Folks- I wan into this wake timer stuff awhile back when i was using windows and for those of you who are using Norton's internet security, it was a problem directly associated with NIS- and no matter what you did in your power settings in windows, it would come back on the next boot- I don't know whether norton's has fixed the issue yet or not- i would imagine so, but if not, As Norton's can be very slow sometimes creatign fixes for issues- here is the workaround to disable the norton's 'antimalwaremigration' task which keeps causing the computer to wake up every 1/2 hour: (I hope it's ok to post a link to outside article?)

    - The NIS problem, along with a host of other windows related problems was the main reason i finally made the switch to linux for my main online operating system- however, I still use windows for windows only programs/games etc- but I don't allow it online any longer- so there is no need for NIS any longer, and I've downloaded windows 7 .ISO from microsoft, reinstalled it, and the wake timer issue is no longer a problem (But i have disabled wake-timers in windows power settings just to be sure- I don't get updates to windows any longer- and the programs I need updates to I download the updates via linux, and install to windows while offline- so wake timers aren't really needed on my setup any longer

    Note that I beleive the workaround would get reset when I rebooted the machine, if i remember correctly, but i leave my computer on sleep when not using so the workaround would work for me for some time before i rebooted- And liek i said- norton's may have already fixed this issue- but just wanted folks to be aware incase they haven't fixed it already- and their computers keep waking even after turning off wake timers in power settings

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    I've been trying to track down what is keeping my PC from going to sleep. It's had a problem in the past from time to time, but always seems to recover by itself and start working correctly again. That doesn't appear to be happening this time.

    When I saw this article, I hoped that there might be something more than the things I had already done, but unfortunately not. I more than a little convinced that this is the result of a monthly update but trying to track down the problem isn't easy because there are so many possible things that could be causing this issue.
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