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    Media Player Software Will Not Play on Only One Machine

    I have four desktop computers running W10 (2=W10 Home, 2=W10 Pro; all were upgraded from W7).
    I have a software media player application that runs perfectly on three of the four machines. I cannot figure out how to determine what the problem is on the 4th machine.

    The Windows Event log for Applications shows the faulting module is c:\Windows\System32\ntdll.dll, version 10.0.10586.306
    That machine is running W10 Home 1511, OS Build 10586.494

    The machine right next to it is running W10 Pro 1511, OS Build 10586.494 and has the identical ntdll.dll file in the same folder. But the software runs without error on this machine.

    The only difference between the three machines where it works and the one that does not is when the software was installed. The media player was installed on three machines when they were running W7, and it still works perfectly under W10. The one machine that does not work had the media player software installed AFTER the W10 upgrade.

    I am trying to figure out if the problem is specific to not having the software installed BEFORE the W10 upgrade, or if there is something specific with the Dell computer that causes the error. Unfortunately I do not have any other W10 computers where I can test a fresh install of the software. Anybody have other ideas for me?

    (Just to fill in a few more blanks, this software is an old unsupported customized version of ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre that was distributed by Hauppauge with their HD DVR products.)

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    For quite some years now I have used "Media Player Classic - Home Cinema" on all my own systems, and almost always install it on my customers' systems.

    The best way to get "Media Player Classic - Home Cinema" is to install either the "K-Lite MEGA Codec Pack" ( ) or the more basic "K-Lite Codec Pack" ( ).

    Both codec packs install "Media Player Classic - Home Cinema" along with the latest codecs to allow working with media files, but I prefer the MEGA pack because it includes a few more less-common codecs.

    I would suggest you should install one-or-the-other of the above on the computer that is failing to play media files; if that fixes the problem on that system then you might want to consider installing one of the packs on your other systems.

    But take careful note of what is stated on the download page: "...Remember to deselect the adware which comes with the application during installation process...".
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    Like Coochin, I often use K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. But I caution you to avoid (uncheck) anything extra which might be found in the downloaded installation file (depending on which site you choose for downloading).
    Always be cautious.
    For folks who don't think they can trust themselves to properly vet downloaded software, I would suggest that you try VLC media player instead (

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