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    Modify another type of TEXT file (from Quick Books)

    Quickbooks saves files with an "iif" extension. It's essentially a text file.
    When I download the "iif" file, the first 3 rows are various headers. The data begins in row 4.

    I have an Excel file with two columns, beginning in row 11 (A11:Bnn).

    If the text (name) in the A column matches the FOURTH field of the "iif" (text) file, I want to change the TENTH field of the "iif" file to the text in column B of the Excel file. It's like a VLOOKUP, but needs to be done in a macro. VLOOKUP(IIF!D4,MASTER!A11:B100,2,false) etc.

    If doing this in the workbook (without a macro), it would be this in an adjacent column, then a copy and paste special values over the original:

    =IFERROR(VLOOKUP(D4,'[Time Template1a.xlsm]Sheet1'!$A$11:$B$42,2,FALSE),J4)

    filled down.

    if the name doesn't exist in the Excel file, leave the field alone.

    After all the rows in the Excel file change the "ii'" file, the file should be saved as an "iif" file with a different name. I guess it could be saved as a TXT file and the extension changed to "ii'" so QuickBooks reads it.

    From other macros, I think I can start the macro to navigate to the "iif" file and select it. But, from there, I'm stuck.
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