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    f/u to using PCmover on new laptop

    As usual people here have been great in helping me migrate my daughter's old laptop to her new one, using PCmover.

    PCmover's working was critical because, as I explained on another thread, she had some vital software on her old computer for which she didn't have any install disks.

    My follow-on question, now, has to do with her new laptop, a Lenovo Thinkpad: there's a Lenovo Recovery partition on her C:\ drive.

    My thinking is that I should delete that partition because using Lenovo's recovery process would restore her new laptop to its factory settings (I think.)

    Before I did that I thought I'd better check here first on the lounge.

    Is removing the Lenovo recovery partition a good idea?


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    I'd leave it alone.

    If the new laptop is anything like contemporary it will have more than enough disk space anyway.

    Lenovo has to some extent made some of their pre-installed software depending on other stuff and I feel there MIGHT (!) be a risk that somewhere or under some circumstance they might want to access the restore partition. Btw in this regard other manufacturers are much worse than Lenovo.

    You are correct that using the manufacturer restore will always reset the computer to the factory new condition. You can avoid that risk by simply un-installing the application to create the restore disk(s) - or at least delete the relevant shortcuts from the menu(s). These programs are a left-over from pre-Windows 8 times where there was no option to reset the operating system like we have it now.

    Instead of these IMHO horrible restore programs manufacturers should, IMHO again, "give away" a free pre-installed and maybe individualized version of a dependable backup/imaging software; Macrium Reflect and Acronis True Image come to mind as candidates here. Regular image backups IMHO are MUCH more important than a. m. old-fashioned "restore programs".
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    Or Aomei Backupper, more features in the free version.

    cheers, Paul

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