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    W10 Mail/Calendar Apps vs Thunderbird - Looking for Opinions

    I have been using Thunderbird happily for years (switched from Outlook when I quit paying for new M$ Office versions), but now with the new W10 mail and calendar apps, I wonder if I should consider changing? I always thought Outlook was the best email app I had used, but I have a strong distrust of M$.

    I use multiple gmail accounts and prefer to have them organized on my local computer with SMTP instead of using the browser for access. I have been fairly happy with Thunderbird, but in the last year I have found quite a few things that have not properly synced with my calendar - not sure why, and it has seemed like too much of a pain to delve into it.

    So, my question is who has tried switching from Thunderbird to the new W10 Mail, and what has your experience been? Good idea or sorry you tried it?

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    Well, I run both of them (and a couple of other email clients as well). When I first loaded Windows 10 (in August 2015) I decided to use the built-in email client with a single email account (at That has allowed me to play with it and compare it with the other email client software I've used.
    I haven't had any problems with Thunderbird, so I'm not suggesting anything except, "Try using the Win10 email and see what you think". It is easy enough to "switch" if you want once you've made up your mind.

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