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    Excel not displaying all work sheets

    I have an Excel 97-2003 workbook that has multiple work sheets. When I called the workbook up using my normal short cut on my Vista laptop - it presented only one of the work sheets and no evidence of the others. This happened several times. Later in the day I called it up again and everything was as it should be. Ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmi16 View Post
    Seems not, huh?

    My guess is you rebooted before 'later in the day'. Reboot is always the first port of call in solving weird stuff, fixes it maybe 75% of the time.

    What version of Excel? I don't recall for sure which versions of Excel apply to my comments, so if something is not in yours, skip that one.
    I assume there's only 1 workbook affected, all others behave normally?

    Did you try any other ways of opening the file, apart from the shortcut?

    Did you add anything recently to Excel, eg an add-on?
    What Excel addons or plugins do you have installed?
    I don't suppose there are any auto-start macros which run on Open?

    Could someone else have worked on the workbook? Individual sheets can be hidden and unhidden. Or maybe the Hide/Unhide setting got glitched somehow.
    Tabs can be hidden. Check the setting in Options [usually in Advanced].
    Could the tab bar have been made so small that it only had room to display 1 tab?

    I never use it, but it's possible to have sheets in their own sort of 'sub-window' within the main Excel window. Is it possible the missing sheets were in fact minimized at the bottom of the main window?
    The bottom of Excel could be off-screen, click the maximize button in the title bar twice to make sure all Excel is visible.
    Did you change screen resolution before and after the problem?
    On a similar vein, I'm not familiar with protected sheets behavior, but try unprotecting.

    Did you run any MS updates, which might have needed a reboot to finish installing?

    Do you have Preview Pane enabled in Windows Explorer? Possibly the shortcut might have launched that instead--iow are you sure it opened in Excel itself?

    Next time it happens:

    On keyboard, press Ctrl+PgUp and/or Ctrl+PgDown. Those navigate across the sheets.
    Recent Excels have little nav arrows bottom left. Right-click those to see a list of sheets, Ctrl+click to go to first or last sheet.

    Call up something which asks for which sheet to process--eg a formula referencing one of the lost sheets, or File > Print > Entire Workbook, or an Access import. Does it see all the sheets?

    Are your sheets the default Sheet1, 2, 3 etc names? If yes, add a new sheet--what name does Excel give it? That should tell if Excel 'knows' about the other sheets, so it's a display problem.

    Copy the workbook in Windows Explorer. What happens when you open the copy?
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    A Lot of good thoughts by Lugh. Two additional ones to consider:

    Are there any macros that run when the work book opens (setting sheets to xlVeryHdden)?
    Is the file being saved as a .CSV file at any point (CSV files have only one sheet)?

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    No Macros. In addition to the shortcut, the specific workbook file was accessed directly, with the same results. It is possible that Vista crashed and rebooted itself between my viewing the problem and when the workbook acted normal - short span memory problems and all that.

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