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    Column Fill (V2000)

    I have an XL sheet set up with zip codes and names of people living in each zip. The layout when sent to me had the zip code listed once at the first name within the zip code and then all the names below the first record for that zip. I need the zip code next to each name. For instance:
    48072 Jones I need to change the example to the left to 48072 Jones
    Smith 48072 Smith
    Gates 48072 Gates

    I want to fill the zip code next to each person's name. I've used a variety of copy techniques but this won't help me with 10,000+ records.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Re: Column Fill (V2000)

    If I understand your sheet layout, you have some zip codes in say column A, and names in Column B. The names are bunched by zip code so that column A only has an entry when the zip code changes. If that is the case, probably the easiest way to get a zip code beside each name is tou enter a formula in a new column, say C. So in C2 (assuming row one is used for titles) you could put =IF(A2="",C1,A2). That should give an entry against each name. You could then copy the column and Paste Special, Values in either column C or overwrite column A if you are happy it worked.

    Andrew C

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