I'm wondering if anyone is seeing the same behavior I'm seeing with email notifications in the Action Center after the 1607 upgrade?

I'll try to keep this short but it's kind of complicated. After the 1607 upgrade I stopped seeing mail notifications on my PC. I ran SFC and DISM that showed no problems with the system files or with the OS. I subsequently removed the built-in Mail app using Powershell and reinstalled it from the Store. Thru manipulation of some of the sync settings I finally started to see the Action Center Icon alert me to new emails and the subject and the sender of the email started to appear in the action center. However, despite not having the Mail application open or my copy of Outlook 2010 open I noticed that in the 1607 release, previously received Mail notifications would simply disappear from the action center and the action center icon would also indicate that there were no notifications present. In the prior version of Windows 10 it was my impression that in order for the Action Center Icon to clear I needed to click on the icon and for the subject and sender information to be removed from the action center I had to clear the messages or download them to my PC via Outlook 2010. Thinking that this was odd I fired up my laptop which is also set up the same way as my desktop PC and I saw the same behavior on that platform. So my question is whether others are seeing this disappearance as well? If so, has anyone found anything that will let you control this behavior and potentially return things to the way they were prior to 1607? If you have any info let me know.

Also along these same lines I was wondering if anyone has seen inconsistency in the notifications in general? Today, as I was working on my PC I was monitoring my emails via my cell phone email app and I noticed that I had 6 emails in my inbox over a half hour time span however I had not received a single notification in the action center. I opened up the mail app and all 6 messages appeared in the list but I did not open any of them. I then minimized the mail application on my desktop and a few minutes later I started receiving notifications as email 7 and 8 arrived. So I closed the mail application to see if the notifications would cease but I've now received 5 additional emails and have received notification on all of them. In addition, the notifications seem to be occurring pretty much right after the message enters my inbox on my server. So my question is why did I not receive any notifications and then have notifications just start up like magic? Did opening up the mail app have any bearing on this behavior and if so, am I missing a setting somewhere that controls this as I only have the Mail app setup to receive notifications as I use Outlook 2010 as my email client?

Any information or feedback on the behavior of the action center notifications disappearing or the random nature of when mail notifications arrive will be greatly appreciated.