Last March I posted about a problem wherein my touch pad was sporadically dying and I had to reset it each time. All along I suspected, as did others, the Synaptics driver and vented about it. I was wrong about the solution.
I found a solution which maybe I should have posted then. I found that if I went to Device Manager as Administrator, (Maybe I did not have to be Administrator.) properties of an individual entry often had a selection under Properties>Power Management which says, "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power." I unchecked this in several places (I don't remember which ones.) and that solved my problem permanently. Recently after the anniversary edition of Windows 10 got installed I started getting the same problem my Bluetooth mouse. I took the same approach, unchecking the power direction a whole bunch of entries.
Everything is working like a charm. I am not particularly concerned about saving power.
Any thoughts about problems?