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    Chrome Minimise Maximise not working.

    Hi,my wife has a new Microsoft Surface Book which is running Win 10 (fully updated) which is being used as a tablet but not in 'tablet mode' as she prefers to use the onboard keyboard in Thai Language. I will use this example of the problem. The chat on facebook is at the bottom of the screen and the keyboard covers it up so it's a simple case of Maximise /Minimise (- or +) which then allows the window to be dragged to a suitable place. BUT most of the time tapping - + or X will just freeze most of the computer up which will then need a restart. I remember being able to restart Chrome somehow but have forgotten how, will that help. Appreciate any help here and will try to spent more time here to help but am really busy in my job. My wife has never used a computer before and I'm really struggling to teach more than the basics as I am not that great.
    Thanks Pete.
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