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    Windows Anniversary Update Version 1607 Fails to Install - Error 0xc1800118

    Windows update detects and downloads the Anniversary Update 1607 but fails to install it.

    After about 15 hrs downloading it, it then says it is installing it and starts to run up percentages completed (I do not recall how far it gets) but then it terminates with "Feature Update to Windows 10 Version 1607 - error 0xc1800118?.

    I restarted the laptop and attempted to check for updates and it wanted to do it all again - I guess there would have been another 15 hr download followed by another failed install.

    At this point I went searching for the error but could not find a useful explanation.

    I the tried to find a way of downloading an ISO image of the update so I could eliminate repeated 15 hr downloads. However, I just got more confused.

    Can someone give me simple, idiot proof instructions on how I can get this update installed and also on downloading an ISO image of the update.

    The laptop involved specs are:
    • HP Spectre
    • I7-6500U CPU
    • 8 GB memory
    • Plenty of hard drive space
    • OS - Windows 10 Home - Version 1511, Build 10586.545
    • 64 Bit OS, X64 Processor

    Any help would be much appreciated

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    See "Download Windows 10" at:

    Click on "Download tool now" and follow the instructions to download the "Media Creation Tool". After you have downloaded the MCT (doesn't take long) run it and it will let you download the ISO to DVD or USB thumbdrive (needs to be 8GB).

    It will still take some hours for the download, but you won't have to download again if something goes wrong.

    To launch the upgrade (you need to have Windows running) simply insert the installation media and run "setup.exe".
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    There seems to be very little info on that error code, although Google seems to be awash with the same complaint and with nothing coming forward from MS as to a fix for this error.

    There's a hyperlink to some shell commands in this article which may help and while I had my failures on the second reboot, I used MCT to Update this PC with my Norton Security's antivirus and firewall switch off and that succeeded in not freezing on a black screen after the second reboot.

    Trying it with a Win 10 ISO disk and the various update now buttons just resulted in the same black screen.

    After a power shutdown and restart, I would get Windows is attempting to recover the installation and then I would get the reverting to previous build.

    My method may or not work for you as I was getting the error 0xc1900101-0x40017 but it could be worth a try.

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