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    Post Access 2013/2016 Email reports

    Hello, I need some help with the following please. I have a report and want to mail parts of it to different people. I have created the report and prints 100% but cannot get this right. There was the same question while back but I cannot find any code. Thanks

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    As you have discovered, this is a complicated issue. See Access 2010, email report pages to separate people for an extended discussion, and a sample database with code. Briefly, you create a routine that creates a custom report for each person, typically using a filter, and save it as a PDF or Excel file. Then a separate routine generates a custom email using Automation with Outlook and attaches the custom file. Hope this helps.

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    Alternative option which might be simpler: I use Excel for emailing reports based on Access data, using Excel-Outlook automation.

    Create a pivot table based on an Access query, with the peoples names as a filter field [ie not in Columns or Rows]. Then have Excel generate a separate sheet for each person [Pivottable Tools > Analyze > Options > Show Report Filter Pages]. Delete any sheets you don't want sent this time.

    Then run a macro to send email. Ron de Bruin has a bunch of routines for this on his Mail from Excel with Outlook (Windows) page. "Mail a different file(s) to each person in a range" might be the one you want.

    After one-time setup, it's a 5-minute refresh-check-adjust-click macro job in the future.
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