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    Windows Live Mail - regularly seizing up

    I have used Windows Live Mail for some years with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and now Windows 10 without any serious problems. In the last week or so, it is intermittently seizing up - eventully giving a message about my POP server not responding.

    My email server is BT ( - which still seems to use Yahoo.

    I don't know if this is an issue with Windows Live Mail or with the BT server. Can ayone give me advice about where to start looking?

    I use Office 2007 and could use the Outlook program there - do you think this would help?

    I used Thunderbird for a while, but gave up on this when it kept seizing up.

    Any advice/information gratefully received.
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    I still use WLM and with Windows 10 and it works fine.
    If I were you I would save my messages and reinstall WLM.

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    windows live mail stopped working for me on W7 and W10 a month ago, there is a way to get it working just do some googling. I cant be bothered with it and switched to Thunderbird

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    I have been living in UK 9 years (now in Sweden)and had Win10 since it was accessibly as a free update. I was BT customer as you and I assure you, it is not BT to blame. Simply, the Windows Live Mail is the worse application in the whole IT world and it is doing unimaginable wrong things. Some of them, only A LITTLE PART, I described in the New Thread today, sorry, I don't know how to give you a tip where to look for it, I use this site not often. Today my WLM app suddenly refused sending emails - have no idea why! So far it was the only thing which worked well. Otherwise that app is almost not working for the most of the time. It "stopped working.." and closig several times a day.

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