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    Question Stop individual rows from breaking across pages

    I have a table which contains 7 columns. In one of those columns, a list is presented with one item per line. There are certain cases where the row begins at the bottom of one page and continues on the next because of the column with the list. In those cases, I would like to set the row's property such that is doesn't break across the page. However, I have one exception to that rule... One or 2 rows in the table actually takes up multiple pages. Is it possible to determine if a row does this?

    In these cases, I'd like to do one of 2 things. Currently, if a person looks at the 2nd page of a row, they only see the data in the column that spills over. Is it possible to have the row break and copy the data from the other columns to the next page?


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    You can prevent rows from splitting across a page break by unchecking the 'Allow row to break across pages' property. However, there is no automatic way to do the checking you envisage. Furthermore, in a document subject to ongoing edits, any formatting you apply to tables that are allowed to start part-way down the page could be invalidated by subsequent edits that change how far up/down the page they start.

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