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    Extremely Fast Action and Response in Windows 7

    I have a problem that has plagued me for several years though it is intermittent at times as well.

    The problem is an extremely rapid action or response to what I do with a mouse or the keyboard.

    Here are some examples

    1. When using Outlook I single-click on a mail message. But it acts like I did a double or triple click. So it opens the mail message and if there is a hyperlink in the message it will open IE and navigate to the location.

    2. When on a website with drop-down menus, if I click on the drop-down arrow, it drops down but then immediately closes. It is very, very difficult to open the drop-down and get it to remain open. It
    usually takes 8 to 10 tries to be successful.

    3. Sizing windows is at times difficult because the response is too fast.

    This has nothing to do with mouse sensitivity. I have adjusted that with no effect.

    Intel Core i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70 Ghz
    16.0 Gb RAM

    Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit, SP1

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    Could be hardware, have you tried a different mouse or a different mouse port?

    cheers, Paul

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    I once had an MS mouse with a sticky left click button. No amount of setting fixed the extra clicks. Then I read where a small (tiny) drop of spray lube into the offending button could fix this. It did it for me. I had to disassemble the mouse to get to the buttons on the switches you cannot do this without opening the mouse. A different mouse as stated earlier would help to confirm that something such as this might be happening or that something else is wrong.

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    I suspect its the micro-switch(es) in the mouse. I was being plagued by unwanted extra 'clicks' from my rt-mouse button, which made programming impossible (context menus appeared then disappeared). Being a cheapskate, I bought replacement switches (a pack of 5 from China, then more from the Uk when I couldn't wait for the slow delivery) and after replacement the problem was solved. I know a new mouse would have cost litlle more, but it wouldn't have felt the same, and so many mice wheels have a rubbish action.

    This page will tell you what your mouse buttons are doing.

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    Every mouse eventually dies due to click action failure, typically after say 3-5 years of heavy daily use in my experience. Paul's suggestion will confirm or deny mouse failure.
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