Hi guys,
I have a surface pro 4 that I updated using the upgrade assistant after having a bad experience with the automatic update. It worked fine until the first set of updates and since then I have a sound/video issue. The sound doesn't work and when this happens videos won't play either. I stumbled across a temporary fix for this. When booting up as soon as the desktop is displayed wait about 10 seconds or so and reboot. This fixes everything and all is well for all the time the machine is on. My thought is one driver is loading before another one and causing them to not load correctly. I suspect the intel video, intel sound, realtech sound and intel av stream camera drivers. I haven't had the time to jumble them around to see if that will fix this issue and was hoping somebody else had this problem and arrived at a fix. I tried the delete the drivers and reboot to no avail. I've read some info on the web about similar problems with the realtech driver and the AV update. The driver can't be rolled back as the option is greyed out.