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Thread: Mail sent From.

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    Mail sent From.

    I use the Mail app in Windows 10 where I have two accounts. Everything appears to be set up alright. However, with one Email account which is NOT, I seem to have an issue. as follows.
    When I write a new Email in the "From:" line appears only the email address but not my name. Once the email has been sent it also shows only the email address, although I have entered my full name in the the set up under "Send your messages using this name (my full name)". I would expect that that in the new Email message my full name would appear and so in the Sent folder but it does not.

    I tried to find a way to correct this with success. It had done it correctly until three weeks ago. I had to remove the account shortly for another reason and set it up again right away but since I did this the issue appears.
    Is ther a trick in the registry or so to overcome this?

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    I get the same so I have upvoted the problem in the Feedback Hub.


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