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    Uninstall/ReInstall error (Office2KSR2)

    I had 2 computers, standalones, each with office 2K loaded, but one SR1, the other 8.0. Now I have networked the two computers, established a share and administrative install on one and wanted to uninstall the standalone with the older version and re-install as a network install. Problem is I can't completely get rid of the old version, even after using the 2KEraser. I keep getting an error after reboot that a previous version has been detected and installation has been halted. Further, I can no longer uninstall through setup.exe or the control panel. Where would office setup be getting the previous install info?

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    Re: Uninstall/ReInstall error (Office2KSR2)

    According to <A target="_blank" HREF=>Microsoft Technical Support</A>,

    "To determine if a previous version of Office is installed, the Office 2000 installation process relies on the registry. The Office 2000 installation process looks for registered Class IDs and known registry keys created by previous versions of Office."

    Therefore if you still have problems after using Removal Tool, consider reformatting your hard drive and reinstalling Windows.

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