My system is a custom built Desktop PC originally with Windows 7 but now Windows 10 Home 64bit with Microsoft Office 2010 Home & Business, Intel core i5 3470, 8.00GB Dual-Channel RAM, 1TB storage and using a Western Digital Elements 107C USB3 4TB hard drive for back up. After I uploaded Windows 10 I decided to use the recovery disc option to back up the Data files onto my USB drive. As the wizard progressed it stated that the back up drive would be wiped so panicking I cancelled the Wizard. Normally I use Macrium Reflect Free edition.

Since then whenever I connect the USB drive "This PC Devices and Drives" shows the drives and their partitions as well as the WD Elements (M) but the drop down menu at the side shows two WD Elements one under This PC as a sub folder and the other being a stand alone unit. (see images Screen Shot 09-17-16 at 04.11 PM.JPGScreen Shot 09-17-16 at 04.23 PM.JPG ). The files within both WD Elements have copies of the same file. I can't remove the WD Element folder under this PC so I'm hoping someone can help.

Additionally, although I think this should be under the Outlook section I've got two versions of Outlook 2010 ( see image Screen Shot 09-17-16 at 04.09 PM.JPG )