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    Windows 10 upgrade boots like cold molasses

    LangaList Plus

    Windows 10 upgrade boots like cold molasses

    By Fred Langa

    Windows upgrades can carry along tons of extra baggage, possibly leading to severe slowdowns. Here are some fixes for a sluggish PC.

    Plus: How to prevent driver issues when installing or reinstalling Windows, and open-source software causes a strange operating-system crash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracey Capen View Post

    LangaList Plus

    Windows 10 upgrade boots like cold molasses

    [tbl=bgcolor=white cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 width=100%summary=LangaList Plus summary][tr][td=align=left valign=top width=510]By Fred Langa

    Windows upgrades can carry along tons of extra baggage, possibly leading to severe slowdowns...
    I have upgraded my three Win10 systems to the latest builds, and several customers' systems likewise. Results impress me - generally Win10 startup is noticeably faster, and I am seeing few problems with system drivers (compared to Win7/Win8-8.1).
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    I've had recent Windows lock up like that. Mouse moves but nothing responds. A restart was the fix. No particular software appeared to be the issue and it didn't repeat itself. I have not however gotten an "application" error like that. I can see where an OS loader may be problematic if its not coded well.

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    Open Source Software is no more vulnerable than commercial software!

    Fred, I must agree with DavidFB. I too have had Windows (ALL versions since 3.0) lock up with no particular software appearing to be the cause. Sometimes it ends up with some sort of error message, and sometimes nothing. Unless you could repeat the problem you cannot be certain that it was the particular piece of software you were using.

    While I agree that in your case it appears that it may have been the piece of software you were using, the Windows kernel should be protecting itself from any impact from a user program and any kernel failure because of a user program interaction is by definition a kernel bug! Of course they exist, but the open source program cannot be blamed for a failure by the kernel to protect itself.

    Your problem sounds somewhat similar to the Win10AU Kindle bug (now fixed I believe). An acknowledged Windows failure with heaps of resources behind it!

    As for:
    But free can also mean limited coding resources — it might not be fully vetted or it was produced by amateur developers, making quality spotty.

    It's not only open source or free software that is produced by amateur developers with limited resources. I can think of several pieces of commercial software (usually utilities) that I use that might have a website that makes it look like there's several people involved, but support responses always (over several years) come from the same person; suggesting a lone developer or two. Lone developers have paved the way for the internet and modern computing.

    In fact open source software more likely has input from multiple developers all contributing. And even if developed by a single amateur the open source nature means that others can, and often do, provide input into bugs and problems.

    So I think it fair to say that a particular piece of software that happened to be open source may have caused your PC to crash, but I'd suggest your take-aways should be:

    • Use all new software with caution
    • Be prepared for the worst

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