I'm using Outlook 2016 as my primary mail/personal information management client on my Surface Book. I have four questions about Outlook I was wondering how to tackle:

1. Is there a way to create a "unified inbox" or even a "saved search folder" that works across all inboxes in Outlook? Right now I'm hopping from inbox to inbox to read all my emails. I only have a few email accounts, so it's not a major ordeal, only a minor inconvenience.

2. My primary email account is hosted with Office 365 Exchange Online. I've been using Distribution Lists to allow people from outside the company to email our staff and web team and ensure everyone receives a copy of the email. I've noticed Office 365 Outlook Groups finally allows for people to email the groups outside the organization. Would it be better to migrate the distribution lists on Exchange to Office 365 Outlook Groups so I can move forward with the new feature and streamline communication?

3. My SharePoint server is also Office 365 SharePoint Online. I've noticed tasks on the SharePoint Online server are no longer syncing with the tasks list in Outlook 2013. Are tasks in Office 365 SharePoint Online no longer syncing with Outlook? I thought I read somewhere this was being phased out.

4. In my contacts list in Outlook, my business name only contacts show above all my individual contacts with people names. Is there a way to adjust the sorting so that my business name only contacts are showing in-line mixed in with my individual contacts?