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    Question Outlook 2010: Rule to automatically move selected messages

    Hi all,
    I used to be able to selectively delete or move particular messages from my Sent Items folder using the rules function in Outlook - I think I remember being able to in the 2007 version. However, after using 2010 for quite a while (!) I have just realised that this function no longer appears to be present, and I am spending time doing things that I should be able to automate.

    I want to be able to move SOME messages from my sent mail automatically to other folders (such as moving replies to client emails to project folders), and to automatically delete some messages (such as the "Accepted: " appointment messages), by setting up rules, if possible. If not, does anyone have another alternative?

    I appear to be able to COPY items and move the copy to another folder, but that still leaves me with an item to delete in Sent Items (a double-up which seems pretty pointless to me).

    I have looked through the rules but can not find out how to do a "Move". Can anyone advise?

    Warmest regards

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    To do it manually, you should be able to highlight the messages you want to move, right-click, then select "Move" or "Move to folder", and select the folder you want to move them to. This is a move, not a copy. I'm not familiar with Outlook 2010, but in 2016 I can set up a rule which is applied after a message is sent. I go to Rules and Alerts > New Rule > Apply rule on messages I send > Next > and then I see the list of conditions I want to set up.

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    Not sure about 2010 any more, but in 2016 the first action when you use the "Advanced Options" button to create a rule is "Move to the specified folder".

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    Klinkehoffen - It seems you can set the rule you want by selecting (click on) the Sent Folder -- highlight an email you want to make a rule for -- on the Outlook 10 ribbon bar, select Home -- find and click on the button Rules -- click on Create Rule. In addition to some typical rule fields there, you can click on the button for Advanced Options to really fine tune the rule. To make this work, it is best to have highlighted an example of the specific email you want the rule made for.

    Some of the fields let you enter specific "words" found in the subject or body of the email. Hope this helps.

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