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    Slow Windows Update

    One of my desktop PCs dual-boots Win7 SP1 & Vista SP2. I mostly use Win7 on this system but sometimes boot into Vista to use certain programs.

    Since about mid-2015 each month when I have run Windows Update (WU is set to "Check for updates but let me decide...") a week-or-so after "patch Tuesday" in Vista WU has been increasingly slow "checking for updates" to the point when I ran WU last month I aborted after about twelve hours (I needed to reboot into Win7 to work on something else).

    Yesterday about 2:00PM I set WU "checking for updates" thinking I would let it run overnight if that was necessary to get updated; WU was still "checking for updates" about 9:00AM this morning.

    I restarted Vista, connected one of my USB HDDs which has "WSUS Offline" on it ( ) and ran the WSUS updater. WSUS installed one update, asked for the system to be restarted and for the updater to be run again after the restart. After Vista had restarted WSUS installed a further six updates then again asked for a restart. After the third restart WSUS installed one further update. After a fourth restart WSUS reported there were no missing updates.

    By that time it was about 10:30AM; I set WU "checking for updates" which completed after about fifteen minutes and listed eight "Important" updates and five "Optional" updates. All eight "Important" and the three "Optional" updates I selected (<>120MB) downloaded and installed successfully within about fifteen minutes.

    After Vista had restarted after installing the updates WU completed "checking for updates" in less than five minutes and listed no "Important" updates and only the three "Optional" updates I had chosen not to install.

    So it seems very likely something in the August-September updates fixes whatever it was that was causing WU to be so slow "checking for updates".
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    I had a similar experience following a factory reset on a Win 7 machine.

    Initially it gave me 251 updates but hung forever in downloading and then they vanished after I came out of WU and rebooted - check for was ongoing so I ran WSUS.

    It downloaded and installed 142 and when I went back to Windows Update, the remainder of the 251 were sat there waiting to be downloaded which then installed without any bother.

    It's possible that like Win 7, Vista also has a Roll up KB which resolves the forever check for which WSUS found and installed.

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    Apparently KB3185911 is the magic bullet for Vista.


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