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    Malwarebytes Free vs Premium vs Anti-Exploit vs Premium+Anti-Exploit Bundle

    Somehow, I feel like I've been down this road before. Several people recently have recommended Malwarebytes, but when I look I'm seeing different packages with different prices and different combinations of features. And on one page, there is pricing for a single PC and on another the pricing is for 3 PC's

    Please tell me that these guys aren't starting down the same bloated path that has ruined so many other programs.
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    Malwarebytes is going pretty good with keeping things trim, I detect no bloat so far. AM, AE do different things, I can't remember the pages that came up for "difference between AM and AE" [I spelled out the acronyms in Google]. I think both BleepingComputer forums and Malwarebytes web site gave good concise answers. If you plan to protect more than one computer, yes, the 3PC pack is a good deal!
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