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    Help for finding many of Windows' less-used tools

    Best Utilities

    Help for finding many of Windows' less-used tools

    By Tracey Capen

    When things go south with Windows, we often rely on its extensive set of built-in tools.

    But when you rarely use something, it can hard to remember where it is, what it's called, and how to use it. Here's help for the first two.

    The full text of this column is posted at (opens in a new window/tab).

    Columnists typically cannot reply to comments here, but do incorporate the best tips into future columns.

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    Good article, the list of Commands is very useful.

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    I like GodMode Control Panel. I was having difficulties with the Bluetooth Stack, as well as Intel WiDi setup. Having a lot of controls and reset settings options right there in one place was a "god"-send (ugh! Bad Pun!).

    I also had to use the Run As Administrator box from the Win-X popup menu. (For resetting the Bluetooth Stack.) And Services.msc from the same Run As Administrator Box. (Stop and Restart the Bluetooth Services one by one. This is sometimes the most convenient way to stop the automatic scanning for new Bluetooth devices if there's an issue with Pairing.)

    Fun stuff, wireless pairing (Bluetooth) and peering (WiDi/Miracast)!

    At least my ActionTec ScreenBeam Mini2 Continuum Edition Miracast Receiver has an App in the Windows 10 App store (Yes, it's a Metro App!) called the ScreenBeam Configurator. That was also a godsend (no pun here).

    Since Linux doesn't do Miracast, I also had to set up unprotected HDMI Wireless peering (using my Nyrius device, but Actiontec makes a transmitter and receiver pair which is also quite good. Just remember -- don't use unprotected wireless keyboards and mice in crowded WiFi environments, like my apartment complex -- there are active exploits of Man-in-the-Middle attacks reported for that technology.) Linux also benefitted from my Bluetooth Capable HDTV Soundbar, which is one-way but also must be Paired. Still working on setting up my Bluetooth headset.

    ================================================== ====

    All of this is connected with my Intel Swift-Canyon NUC Micro-PC, which does double-duty as my main production PC now (dual-boot Ubuntu Linux and Win 10 Pro) and my main media PC (hence all the wireless stuff).

    I opted for 16 GB RAM (Kingston Hyper-X = massive overkill) and a 500 GB SSD (Samsung 850 EVO) = about right for my dual-boot, and fast as heck! Does Wireless AC in any available mode. Swift Canyon is based on Intel Core-i5 architecture, and my Win10 is Pro Edition, 64-bits.

    (Note that extra RAM can be useful when mounting a large Win PE 10 environment, such as that offered by Aomei, among others. Virtual Machines also like extra RAM, and fast hardware. So my large RAM and SSD choices are partially driven by future possibilities for uses of the NUC.)

    I added a GoRite lid with two rear-facing USB-2 ports (connected through a very tight internal header). This frees the limited USB-C ports on the NUC chassis from the keyboard and mouse used when Bluetooth is unavailable (like when running CloneZilla Live backups or USB or optical rescue or system setup media from a USB-connected external optical drive or one of the fast USB ports).

    All of this hardware, and the tiny thing still runs warm, not hot. (Unless I connect three external port-powered portable hard drives -- then the power supply heats up plenty! Powered USB-C hub strongly recommended in this special use case.)
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    Your statement, "You can't for example, launch Excel by simply entering "excel" and hitting Enter." is so WRONG. All Microsoft Office apps can be started at the Run dialog and always have. From the Run dialog type winword for Word, mspub for Publisher, excel for Excel, etc, etc. This is a pretty glaring error. I'm guessing you've been doing this the hard way for years. Much quicker to use the Run dialog. The reason is that the path to all Office apps is added to the system variable PATH when MS Office is installed.
    Also - your GodMode suggestion to rename the folder did not work on my Win10 system. I shortened it to just "God Mode" and it stopped working so I renamed it back to GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}.
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