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Thread: EnterNet 300

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    EnterNet 300

    My DSL provider, Pacific Bell, supplied Enter Net 300 as the software to use. I am led to believe there are better ways.

    I found a site explaining how to use Win XP instead of EnterNet, but I've got Win 98. Can anyone suggest another way? Free would be nice, but not necessary.


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    Re: EnterNet 300

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    Actually, I've never had a problem using EnterNet 300, although I never used their (PacBell's) provided browser (it's always behind the curve)

    Just make sure you have 'Private API' and 'Filter Driver' selected on the 'Advanced' tab of the settings dialog.

    The company that makes the software is pretty knowledgeable and helpful. ( I was writing some low-level test programs)
    There are a few other companies that provide PPOE, but you'll have to do some homework.
    (He said... I thought that's what I was doing!)

    Dsl Reports - - is a great source for all things broadband. Start there.

    Good luck.

    P.S. I know this is an old thread; just thought the ref to dsl reports is helpful

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