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    roundcube mail

    one of my daughters is starting a new job in Sunnyvale. She will be using .com web mail server. A workmate has suggested she use the Roundcube web mail application. I have downloaded and tried to install the complete x86 version for my windows 10 desktop. 7 zip seems to handle the downloaded .tar file correctly but when I try to process the resulting rar file the program complains it can't create the necessary symlinks. It seems to looking for a Linux type file structure rather than Windows. Can someone please help or refer me to helpful source. I have played around with Ubuntu, Wine, and Cigwin in the past so I have a little knowledge that might help. My daughter currently is using MS Office (Word, Outlook, Excel, and Powerpoint). Can Outlook handle Webmail

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    Your daughter should ask the IT dept of her company what they suggest that she use to access her email.

    I have an email account with Dotster. The webmail access is with Roundcube. It works very well. But I have no idea about how someone would go about installing it on their computer. My guess is that her company provides Roundcube as a web email client. If that is true, then your daughter doesn't need to install anything; she just needs to go to the right web site and then log in.

    .tar sounds like Linux.

    Outlook doesn't handle "webmail", but it does handle email. Webmail is simply one way to access your email; Outlook is another. Your daughter will have to ask her company's IT dept if they allow email access via Outlook, and if so, what the settings are.
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    The only version of RoundCube I've used is web based and is accessed via my email providers website. Perhaps what you are downloading is a server vs workstation application?
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