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    Columns (Excel 2000)

    Hi Everyone,

    Have you heard about this problem.Viewing a worksheet that has outlining applied at 100% looks fine,
    however when the view increased to 150% it adds an extra column B. With exactly the same data in each cells.
    However it only seems to be this column.

    Thanks Kindly


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    Re: Columns (Excel 2000)

    Is there a wide border between the two B columns, two horizontal scroll bars at the bottom of the page, and does the cursor turn into a double sided arrow when placed over the border between the B columns? If so, then you have somehow managed to split your screen. If this is the case, then place the cursor over the border so that it turns into the double arrow, press and hold the left mouse button, and drag the border over until it ins next to the vertical scroll bar on the right of the screen. Release the left mouse button, and the everything should be back to normal.
    Legare Coleman

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