My OS is Win98SE and I have the following problem. At shut down I get the
message "IE caused error in OLE32.DLL and will close". I have to close this
popup manually and I notice it kills my task bar icons then up pops another
window for my modem. This window isn't active and remains for a few seconds
before windows effectively gives me the safe shut down message.

I was previously using IE/OE5.5 when this problem first appeared. I
upgraded to IE/OE6 and for a short time it disappeared. Now it has
returned. :-(

I installed the 98SE close down patch yesterday but the problem is still
there. Modem is a Cirrus CLM Data Fax 56k. The window which pops up says
Cirrus X2 Modem Utility.

Any suggestions on how to remedy this would be much appreciated thanks.

Cheers, Diane