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    I backup but not correctly, advice on what type of backup...

    I have been using retrospect for backups, but always choose the "duplicate" option, disc to external. Well I had a whole bunch of photos that somehow got corrupt, they wont open in anything.. and the corrupted photo files just got backed up/duplicated to the external drive, and I even had crashplan and the corrupt files got uploaded their also. Should I be using the actual backup sets to prevent something like this?

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    You should always use backup, not duplicate.
    You should use incremental backups as they copy changed files into the backup archive, giving you multiple copies.
    Regularly, every 6 - 12 months, re-create the backup using a different target archive. You now have archives of your archives. (Recent backup software has a consolidate feature to remove backups older than a certain period automatically.)

    Surely Crashplan has an archive of older backups?

    cheers, Paul

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    I guess you're sure that the duplicate operations didn't create copies of the duplicates? Before using I often make ad hoc copies of crucial files by simple Copy-Paste, and I end up with file(copy), file(copy01), file(copy02) etc.

    Maybe there's an old duplicate hiding somewhere.

    Did you run chkdsk on your main drive, to see if it could fix some of the corrupt files?

    Why do you think the photos are corrupt? If it's because some viewer won't open them, it could be the viewer which has gone bad. Try another viewer.
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    Going forward, perhaps consider making full images of your data partition onto reliable external media using Macrium Reflect or anything similar. Having another backup/restore program and routine, having "parallel" backups may be a good thing.
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