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    Is mp3 player into headphone jack bad

    I use the headphone jack on my desktop computer to feed, via a direct box, into a Yamaha CL1 sound board. Occasionally I need to plug a mp3 player into the sound board. It seems like a simple, and cheapest, solution would be to get a 3.5mm cable splitter to accept the computer audio on one Y and the MP3 on the other Y to feed into the single direct box. The danger that I see is that the sound would also be feeding into the mp3 player headphone jack, and the mp3 player sound would be feeding into the computer headphone jack.

    Is this a bad thing? If it is a bad thing, I guess I'd need either an audio A-B switch or two direct boxes. (Sigh) I don't think the sound board master will let me have another channel for a second direct box.


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    I wouldn't do it because the output impedance of the PC sound card is probably too low for the MP3 player, possibly overloading it. Use a separate cable.

    cheers, Paul

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