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    Windows 10 Deferring Updates

    Hi everyone,

    Very nice article by Susan Bradley on how to defer Quality Updates for several days until the almost certain poor programming issues from MS are corrected every month.

    With Win-10 Pro (enterprise & educational) when you change the "group policy" for deferring updates, it changes the registry entry, and visa-versa.

    Is that the case for all group policy changes, that the appropriate registry entry is changed? Seems like a more straight forward, and more understandable way of making a "registry change" by using GPE if available.

    Also the Settings \ Updates & Security \ Advanced Options \ Defer Feature Updates choice was shown.

    That also is a choice in GPE, just above the Quality Update choice, in the same path.
    So I would "guess" deferring Featured Updates can also be done in GPE, but with additional flexibility in setting a number of days to defer them.

    Would like to see more discussion on using Group Policy for Windows Secrets readers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnVanKirk
    Would like to see more discussion on using Group Policy for Windows Secrets readers.
    I always think of the Group Policy Editor as a GUI that basically consolidates registry edits into a (somewhat) logical structure, as opposed to the sprawling mess that the registry is.

    It used to be that there was a clear division between 'consumer' and 'business' editions of Windows. 'Most' retail purchasers of new devices would end up with a 'Home' (or 'Home Premium') edition whilst businesses would usually pay the extra for a 'Professional' edition, if only to join the device to a domain and be able to manage it remotely with 'policies'. As a result, consumers tended to rely on the use of .REG files for 'tweaking' Windows, if only because the Group Policy Editor just wasn't available to them.

    Nowadays the distinction between 'consumer' and 'business' editions of Windows appears to be becoming blurred, especially as Microsoft appear determined to 'dumb down' the 'Professional' editions - by removing features - in order to force businesses into buying into the 'Enterprise' subscription model.

    As a result, many websites (like try to cater for both 'Home' and 'Pro' editions (rather than 'consumer' and 'business') by providing both methods, i.e. by describing both GPE and registry edit methods.

    At the end of the day... IMO they both do the same, just differently.

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