I had an interesting weekend. I crawled under my house and ran a telephone wire from where my DSL router was to where my computers are, so I could add a phone jack there, and then move the DSL router to there. (The jack behind my TV was the only working phone jack in my house.) The purpose was to move my router from behind my TV to where the computers were. Now that my router is by the computers, I can connect my computers with Ethernet cables rather than just using wifi.

(Fortunately the desktop computer I bought a few months ago came with a wifi network adapter built-in from the factory.)

After moving the router to where the computers were, and before connecting an Ethernet cable to my desktop computer, I noticed that web surfing was faster - an immediate benefit of moving the router.

I then ran an Ethernet cable from the new router location to my dining room. I sometimes set up my laptop on the dining room table and work there. Up till now, I have been using wifi; but wifi has been hit-and-miss for me in the dining room. Usually it works, but not always. When it hasn't worked, I have had to run a long Ethernet cable through the house to get from my router to my dining room table. The cable is now under the house rather than in the house.

After running all of the wires and turning everything on, I found to my satisfaction that everything worked! It's always nice when you do something and it actually works! (That isn't always the case when I try to fix my car!)

When I'm not working in the dining room, I snap an Ethernet coupler on the cable on the dining room end. In this way, the cable won't drop down through the hole in the floor, because the coupler is too big to fit through the hole I drilled in the floor. Also, if I need some extra cable length, I can plug the additional cable into the coupler.

An interesting note: It's getting hard to find a telephone jack. I had to go to a hardware store to find one.