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    Virtualbox USB problem

    I am running windows 7 64-bit on the host and windows 7 32-bit in the guest. I am running the latest version of virualbox 5.1.6.

    I have installed the add on package so that I have usb 2 support.

    When I plug a usb stick into the pc, I can use the virtualbox settings to add the filter for it, so it's clear that virtualbox sees the usb stick ok. When I start windows in the vm, the host loses the connection to the usb stick, so clearly the vm is taking over the usb stick, as it should. However, the version of windows running in the vm does not see the usb stick. I've tried different sticks and the vm sees each of them and loads the appropriate filter, but windows running in the vm does not see any of them.

    Has anyone had this issue and overcome it?
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