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    Mailwasher Pro 7.8.0

    I recently reinstalled Mailwasher Pro after upgrading my computer. I've looked for the answer to this in the Help forum but not getting what I need to know. When I open Mailwasher, most all the spam is marked correctly, but it used to go directly to the recycle bin and not show up in the in box. Does anyone have an answer for this?

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    I'm still using 6.5.x as I was unhappy with some changes they made in 7.x so there may be some differences.

    There's more than one type of spam flagging and each has it's own settings. Check your Options for each of these you are using and look at the action. It can be set to act automatically or when you process the mail - the latter is the default.
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    Quote Originally Posted by k32rem View Post
    most all the spam is marked correctly, but it used to go directly to the recycle bin and not show up in the in box.
    I advise against a direct-to-recycle setup, unless email is very low-priority for you and you don't care about the ones you say are marked incorrectly. There will always be false positives, and then there are the WTF periods after your ISP introduces some changes which cause mayhem.

    Instead, route the spam directly to a Spam folder, which you can scan or empty weekly or monthly.

    Quote Originally Posted by MWP site
    The filters in Mailwasher range from a simple friends list and blacklist, through to external blacklists like RBL's and spam signature databases
    Unless such 'repositories' have improved dramatically since I was managing email servers last decade, they are instruments of varying bluntness. That might be ok for a free tool, but a commercial product needs to do a lot better than that.

    I see the tool I used a lot last decade is still top-rated in a couple of places for the best free anti-spam for more experienced users, or those for whom email is important. I got 99.4% accuracy from Popfile measured over millions of emails over ~7-8 years. However, it had limitations in how it's used, so may not fit your setup--it was worth my while to change my email setup back then so I could use it.

    This decade, none of these tools are necessary. Gmail and do an outstanding job of filtering spam, to the extent that I haven't had a false positive in years. Both enable you to collect all your other email accounts thru them if you want, and both are very efficient to use with a good desktop client like Outlook.
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