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    Converting to CSV Truncates Decimals

    I'm attempting to covert a excel file to a CSV and I cannot get the numbers/format I need.

    I have tried converting the decimals to text


    3.625% will come over as 3.625 (missing the %)

    3.500% will come over as 3.5 (missing 00 and %)

    How can I take the formatted data and have the same values returned in the same format in a csv?

    Thank you in advance

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    =Text(A1,#.0000) & "%"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gargo View Post
    I'm attempting to covert a excel file to a CSV and I cannot get the numbers/format I need.
    A CSV file is nothing more than a delimited text file, you can actually open it with Notepad and look at it. It contains data that can be used to transfer data between different programs.

    When you format data in Excel, all you are doing is putting a "mask" on the cell(s) that tells it how to display. That mask isn't a part of the data and isn't saved when you export the data - which is what you are doing when you save it as a CSV. IOW, creating a CSV exports the raw data, not the formatting.

    When you or anyone else opens the CSV, Excel will read the data there and format it according to it's defaults (which you cannot change). Since the % is merely a formatting option, it isn't saved and won't be carried on to any other program.

    RetiredGeek has given you a way to turn the number into text and have it save in a CSV as text. That's a good solution if you are sure that the person receiving the file is OK with it. But you have to be careful about who gets the file and what they do with it since you are basically changing the nature of the data - you are converting a number into text. It's no different than changing 22 into twenty-two.

    Frankly, my feeling is that a CSV file should be just what it's supposed to be, a data file containing raw data. If you want to give someone formatted data, then give them an Excel sheet.
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    The raw data "behind" 3.625% should be "0.03625". Change the formatting in Excel to show the data unformatted to confirm.

    cheers, Paul

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