Good day fellow ninjas,

I require some assistance or guidance.

I have a spreadsheet with +-250 clients (some are duplicate customer number but different animal).

Each of the customers have a preferred day of the week (Tues to Sat), but some are weekly, bi weekly, monthly, 6 weekly or bi monthly.

Depending on the service rendered there can be from 5 to 15 customers accommodated per day (A day has a maximum weight capacity of 15, a "SS" has a weight of 1 whereas a "LS" has a weight of 2).

Basically what I have done so far is a vba script to clean up the data and split into groupings of 1,2,4,6 or 8 weeks.

I need to be able to populate a day with either manual dates (after added to schedule date needs to be cleared) or automatically added by last date.

Please could anyone give me some guidance.

Thanks in advance.SR DB 2016.xlsm