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    Question What Android app for Outlook-like functionality with 2016 refresh

    <I've searched the forum and can't find anything very current, so:>

    I recently retired and migrated off of a hosted MS Exchange 2010 account that synced with my desktop and also with my Android phone (via ActiveSync). Emails,calendar, contacts, etc. worked perfectly in every direction.

    Now I have an account on and my personal Win 8.1 PC has the Office 2013 retail client that includes Outlook 2013. I have a new Android phone (GS7-not the jihad/Note version), which is registered with a Google account.
    The PCís Outlook syncs with the account OK. However,Iíve been struggling with how to get the same level of functionality on the phone without opening on a phone browser. I tried the Play Storeís Microsoft Outlook for Android but it was very wanting (although MS is updating it frequently). It has nowhere near the full functionality of PC Outlook. Email is OK, but contacts,etc. is bad. Many calls to MS Support proved that.

    Iíve searched several web sites for a solution, but most of the postings dated into 2015 and earlier. I would greatly appreciate suggestions of how to set up the phone to work seamlessly with and similar functionality. At this time, I would like to stay with an all-Microsoft solution if itís possible, and resist the slippery slide into the world of Google (past experience was that its contact fields were only a subset of Outlook's, so my contacts were getting truncated). Also, Iím not ready for Office 365 unless it completely solves the problem.

    PS-To spare some folks the writing, I hope not to receive replies along the lines of, ďIíve used<wxyznonmicrosoft> software for five years ÖĒ

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    One thing you have to remember is that in the mobile world you are not going to find an integrated app like Outlook for the desktop. Most likely you'll find an app per function with some degree of integration between the apps.

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